RAF Brize Norton Flying Club

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Theoretical Knowledge Examinations

These test your understanding of all essential knowledge required for you to be a proficient and safe pilot. All the questions are multiple-choice, so the skills required are entirely practical: ability to read, draw lines on a chart and calculate figures. You only need to set aside a couple of hours a week to study and have a keen interest to learn. The exams are listed below.


The Theoretical Knowledge exams are passed by self study. We have a library of appropriate text books which you may loan in order to study for your ground exams. These have been specifically designed for the PPL.


Theoretical Knowledge examinations can be arranged through the Ops Manager, who will arrange for the exam to be conducted. There is a charge of £15 per exam for Theoretical Knowledge exams. As soon as you have passed your first Theoretical Knowledge examination you must pass the remainder within 18 months of your first pass date. You must pass all the Theoretical Knowledge examinations before you can take your flying Skills Test :-






                                  Air Law






                                                                                                           Operational Procedures


                                                                                                               Human Performance


                                     Aircraft General Knowledge


                                                                                                               Principles of Flight




                                                                                                     Flight Performance & Planning