RAF Brize Norton Flying Club

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RAF Brize Norton Flying Club was established in 1979 and since then has been conducting training for the Private Pilots Licence (PPL) and associated Ratings. The club is open to Service personnel of all ranks and certain elligable civillians. The PPL is usually issued with a Single Engine Piston (SEP) Rating. This entitles you to fly a single engine light aircraft in Visual Flight Rules (VFR) outside of Class A airspace. Decoded, this means you can fly over most of the country outside of (or below) Airways provided that the weather is within certain limits of visibility.



As part of the RAF Flying Clubs' Association (RAFFCA) our mission is to facilitate the Air Force Board's objective of affording Servicemen and Women, regardless of rank or trade, the opportunity of learning to fly at the lowest cost.




To give a broader awareness of aviation to RAF Brize Norton personnel and inspire air mindedness.

Flying Training. 

Flight training is conducted in  Piper PA28 aircraft by Flying club Instructors, all the Instructors are part-time volunteers. Training takes place 7 days a week. Each lesson has a two hour slot to allow for a pre-flight briefing and preparation, an hour flying, and time to de-brief the lesson and discuss any points or queries that may have arisen. The debrief will enable you to gain maximum benefit from your time in the air.